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"Ink is like me: colourful, unpredictable and at times a little wild!"

About me

I need art to communicate to the world my joyful, energetic persona, and the tender, quieter places within. The flowing medium of ink allows me to explore this inner landscape and connect with the energy of the natural world on the coast here in Brighton, UK. My work is playful, rapid and energetic. I call it my personal calligraphy. Poetry and literature inspire me, and enjoy the solitary beauty of words and the visual kaleidoscope they produce in my brain. 


Why Ink? 


Ink is an honourable, ancestral media, magical, adaptive and full of grace. It not only recorded world culture, it had an indelible impact on literature, politics and the entire course of history. The story of ink is the story of humans. Try as I might to change media and use acrylic or oil, I keep returning to its seductive, immediate and organic nature. It quickly captures an emotion, and the loose, expressive spontaneity suits my energy. As a literature graduate and teacher, a trained printmaker and lover of all things typographical, ink is forever etched into the way I experience the world.

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